Wardrobe must-haves for the real working woman!

Getting up in the morning to go to work is already difficult and selecting an outfit a task by itself! While we see great combinations created in magazines I have found they are sometimes over the top and do not reflect the actual lifestyle of people! I have a few must-have outfit separates that help me mix n match quickly and create different looks everyday!

  • Scarves/Dupatta

Scarves can used in many ways to oomph up working women look to a chic professional look. With the additional benefit of acting as a barrier to protect us from the sun to making you look slimmer n taller if used correctly, a scarf has many benefits.

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Beautiful scarves

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How to deal with difficult work situations… 5 tips from a person who didn’t know how!

Ever had to deal with a difficult work situation? I know, I have. In professional life competition is tough and it is survival of the smartest. I work in the IT industry where the pressure is high and impeccable quality is in low supply hence time and again I have seen difficult situations aka escalations (IT lingo) and have wished if there were a few ways in which I could handle the crisis better, so I put together a list.

Here are 5 ways to deal with situations which seem out of control –

  • Keep Calm! I could quote many an instance where a situation could be saved if one of the parties had kept his cool and thought over the next steps instead of hyper-ventilating. Taking deep breaths is a sure shot mechanism of calming those nerves. I have my own crazy way..I listen to the sound of rain on my music player. Find your own calming mechanism.Breathe...
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