My love for Food!

Of all the things that cannot be controlled in life, one thing that can be catered just right is a steaming plate of pasta… One of my passions in life, if life allows, is to feed all the people who have not had a chance to taste this heavenly yet humble dish.

These past days my love for cooking this dish has reinvigorated and in one weekend I have ended up making 3 sauce variants! A beautiful Bechamel (white sauce) and 2 variants of the Arrabiata (red/tomato sauce). I think the biggest facilitator in this was the fresh, pre-cut veggies now available online in Bangalore and other metros. It completely motivated my lazy ass to created a home cooked variety of these simple to make dishes.

If you want to know the recipes do let me know and I will post them for you..


A different kind of silence…

I have been thinking of penning my thoughts on paper for a long time. Many times when I have felt that this one momentary observation of the life around me is going to change  life forever… it never does because I either forget the thought or never action on it. Mostly forget the thought. Pretty embarrassing for an earth shattering thought moment. Imagine if Eisenstein forgot what he said “Eureka” for on the way home!

So this is a compilation of earth shattering to not even a wisp of air kind of thoughts, ideas, life events, hopes, aspirations and so on…