Korean skin care & how I have been living under a rock!!!

Where have I been? Why did nobody tell me? 😦 Ok! So I have been gone a few weeks now, I have just recently discovered the wonders of the Korean skin care regime and have been reading up tons of awesome blogs The Wanderlust ProjectSkin and tonics and many more on this intriguing topic!

Now coming back to my question. Why did nobody tell me? Apparently, Korean skin care has been doing the rounds of international markets for a some time now with VERY cute packing and seemingly superb results of flawless & dewy skin.

So for the uninitiated like me (Please God, let there be someone who did not know about this, except ME!). Korean skin care is a exhaustive multi-step process, even writing that was tiring! But I hear that this system is so effective if started in early 20’s that you will be looking like a 20-year-old well into your mid 30’s. Enticing.. isn’t it!

So lets begin, I am breaking this down in the simplest possible manner for my own understanding!

Step 1 – Oil cleansing to clean off sun screen & make up. This is an oil based cleanser which emulsifies as soon as you rub it on your skin and does a good job breaking down oil based makeup.

Step 2 – Cleaning with cleanser to clean skin of any further debris and clear off the oil residue, if any.

Step 3 – Peeling gel/cream, this is to be used 2-3 times a week to remove dead skin cells

Step 4 – Toner/Refresher to help absorption of the skin care products used after this step.

Step 5 – Sheet mask, this again is a daily or 2-3 times a week usage depending on your skin care needs. Masks can be targeted for specific skin issues or be for used for the purpose of moisture boosting.

Step 6 – Essence to work on the skin to make it even textured and increase moisture levels of the skin. There are also many products which are directed towards specific issue resolution.

Step 7 – Ampoule is a stronger version of the essence mainly resolving specific issues such as hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, anti-aging, brightening etc.

Step 8 – Eye cream, again this is can be either targeted towards anti-aging, dark circle removal, moisture boost or as a preventative care step

Step 9 – Moisturizer, yes, after so much you still need a product to moisturize your skin deeply. This is what will get you the dewy skin

Step 10 – Last one my list.. Sleeping mask, this is a gel type formula used to deep condition your skin  while you sleep.

Pheww… 😛 So, I am working on creating a regimen for myself, all products in these step do not necessarily have to be a Korean brand, you can create a lineup with the current products you have. I have discovered some well reviewed sites which sell these product with free and quick shipping to India.

Currently I am using the famous Missha 2015 New Time Revolution Activator Borabit Ampoule & Tony Moly – Tomatox Magic Massage Pack and can see some changes in very few days. 🙂 I am also waiting for my Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid from Cosmetic-love.com  😀

Also, before I sign-off, Korean skin care sites normally sell sample size products at very reasonable prices, try them before getting a full-sized bottle of product.  Let me know if and how you are using this latest skin care trend and if it worked for you!


9 thoughts on “Korean skin care & how I have been living under a rock!!!

      • I have the same steps as you, but sometimes I’ll mix up the exact products. My Instagram (@beautyandthecat) has pics of my various routines from the last couple of weeks. One day, I need to write a post on my routine.


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  3. Just came across your blog! Glad to have found and Indian AB junkie! Well I’m from the northeast and Asian beauty products, mostly Korean fashion, music and their products(actually everything) have been the rage for the past many years. Some Insta stores dealing in Kbeauty curated by northeast sellers have popped up. Do check them out!
    Lots of love your way!

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  4. Hi. I love korean skincare products too. But they are not easily available in indian market. I checked out cosmetic love site that you mentioned. I want to know about custom charges and their delivery prodecure. I heard from my friends that the products cost you double with custom. I will be thankful if you help me out.


    • Hey Nikki! I have ordered multiple times from the site and I have not had any issue with Customs. Also the site quickly refunds your money in case you don’t receive the items in the stipulated time period. I have always had a good experience with this site!


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