3 Fun things to do to enjoy Summer with family…

Its summer time and I have my family visiting the lovely n cool Bangalore city (not so cool right now). I am always looking for ways to keep everyone occupied and have a few really fun, easy to do and light on the pocket ideas!

  • Have a Picnic! 🙂

Yes, while it is hot outside, parks normally have huge trees which provide adequate shade for you to lay out your blanket and sandwiches. Enjoy the day playing outdoor games with your family! I went to the Lal Baug Botanical gardens yesterday and it was one of the most refreshing things I have done in a long time… You can take some simple sandwiches n salads, Refreshing Summer Salad! play a few outdoor games and try your hand at photography.

PS – These pics are from my trip yesterday! 🙂

BeFunky Collage2

  • Summer coolers party

Invite some of your friends over to have a refreshing summer coolers party. Ask them to bring their favorite recipes and share the yummy flavors. You can take a few ideas from here 3 unique summer coolers!


  • Find a water body and jump right in!

Don’t have a beach or waterfall close to your home? Well there are a multitude of water parks or even community swimming pools at your disposal. Plan a day trip to these soothing locales and cool down. Don’t forget to take your swimsuit and sunscreen.. Some tips on things to carry with you on Pretty Beach bums…

summer_vacation_tropical_beach_accessories_hd-wallpaper-1720198Do let me know if you have any more fun things I can do with my family and friends during summer in the comments below… ❤


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